JetFriends Halloween Special

There are many Halloween customs: Many kids dress up, many walk along the streets on 31st October, ring the doorbells of neighbours and call out "Trick or Treat" in order to be given sweets. Many cut out funny or scary faces in large pumpkins, put candles in the pumpkins and place them in the window or outside the front door.

We at JetFriends have prepared great specials for you too: How many points can you get when playing "The bewitched airport"? Spiders, pumpkins and ghosts have to be moved around in order to get three symbols in a row next to each other – then they disappear as if by magic and you get a lot of points.

Of course, you can also win something: Answer the question in our quiz and with a bit of luck one of our cuddly monsters could soon be living in your home. Clap your hands or press the button and things start happening!

The prize: one of three funny cuddly monsters!