Lu & Cosmo Summer Olympics

with fun games tips, medals for handicrafting and certificates for taking part

Just like the real Summer Olympics, but much more fun: This August, the Summer Olympic Games will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro. But you can get into the Olympic spirit at home, too, not just in Brazil – with the Lu and Cosmo Summer Olympics. These can take place in your garden, a park, or on the beach.

Lu and Cosmo have thought up a few brilliant games tips for you. There is also an amazing certificate you can download and print out. This means that every participant will be able to take home a nice memento of their Summer Olympics.

1. Teabag throwing

Who can throw a teabag the farthest? All Lu and Cosmo Summer Olympics participants line up in a row. Everyone takes a teabag. Take hold of the paper square and throw/toss it as far as you can.

A technical issue: As it’s not easy to throw a light teabag very far, you get one point per half-meter.

2. Memory “Summer in your head”

Each participant has to do this discipline on their own and the others are not allowed to watch: Ten small summer objects are laid out on a blanket (e.g. sun cream, shells, sun hat, armbands, …). The objects are covered by another blanket. Then the blanket is lifted for exactly ten seconds.

Everyone has to list the objects they have seen and remembered. The more correct objects you remember, the more points you get. One point is awarded for each object you remember.

3. Crazy water bomb obstacle course

As with an egg race, a water bomb is balanced on a spoon while you navigate around various obstacles on the course. At the end, the water bomb has to be thrown at a target using the spoon and you have to make sure it bursts. If the water bomb bursts, the clock is stopped.
The quickest obstacle course runner gets the most points, while the others get fewer relative to him or her. With five participants, for example, the winner will get five points, the next fastest four points, and so on.

4. A trip around the world

Position some places to sit close to each other in a meadow/on a beach, always one fewer than the number of participants. The places to sit can be chairs, cushions, or folded hand towels, for example. The music now starts (or one of your parents sings a song!). When the music stops, each child has to find a place to sit quickly. The person who can’t find anywhere to sit is out. One seat is taken away in each round.
The more rounds someone manages, the more points he or she gets for this discipline.

5. Swim ring race

This is a team game:For the swim ring race, every participant needs a relay partner. The first runner has to put his or her legs in the swim ring and pull it up until it can’t fall down anymore. His or her relay partner waits at the end of the race route. On the signal, the first runners start running with their swim rings around their legs and run as quickly as possible to their partners.

When they get there, the two runners touch and then the first runner gives his or her swim ring to the second runner. The second runner then pulls the ring down over his or her head. The arms must be close to the body and stay inside the ring. Then he or she runs back to the start.
The quickest team gets the most points, the second fastest pair gets one point less and so on.