Three great ideas for an amusing children's party

Parties are particularly great fun, if they have a certain theme. Maybe you'll soon hold a party with the motto ‘travelling and flying’? If you do, we have a couple of suggestions for you!

Little pilot hats for everyone!

Using our template. you can craft a funny JetFriends hat in no time: Simply select one of the three motifs with Lu and Cosmo, print it out, glue it together and fasten it using a piece of string or elastic band. Why don't you make little hats for all of your guests – or you can make them together at the party.

Lu and Cosmo on a trip around the world

This game can be played with any number of players. Sit down in a circle. One player starts by saying "Lu and Cosmo go on a trip around the world and fly to France". Then it's the next player's turn to think of another destination: "Lu and Cosmo go on a trip around the world and fly to France and Italy". It continues like this in turn. Each player has to repeat the country of the other players in the right order and then add a new country. If a player forgets a country or can't think of a new one, he or she is out. Who manages the longest trip around the world without making any mistakes?

Attention, landing!

Whether indoors or outdoors - "Attention, landing!" is great fun anywhere! At the beginning of the game you determine different places. For example, a blanket lying on the floor could be a desert island, one corner of the room could be Spain, another one Canada, etc. All players are aircrafts. Run through the room (or outside in the garden, courtyard, etc.) with your arms spread out like planes.

The game master, your mother or father for example, calls out at some point "Attention, landing on the desert island!" Then, all of you have to run quickly to the right place to land. Whoever arrives last is out. The winner is allowed to be the game master in the next round.