Around the world with Lu and Cosmo

Adventures in fairytale-like Barcelona

Today, the two cranes are flying to Spain with Lufthansa – or, to be more precise, to Barcelona. Both have already heard a lot about the beautiful city on the seacoast in the northeast of Spain and are very excited about their first day there.

"I'd really like to eat tapas!" says an excited Lu when the plane lands. "Oh yes, I'd like to try them as well! I'm famished already!" replies Cosmo. "But – what are tapas actually?" Lu laughs out loud. "Tapas are small snacks. These can be quite different, delicious dishes such as meat balls, olives, potato omelettes or mussels, for example."

The two of them quickly jump into a taxi. "Hola", says Lu to the taxi driver. "What does that mean?" asks Cosmo with a curious look on his face. "That's Spanish and means Hello," Lu explains. After they drop their suitcases off at the hotel, they go to a small restaurant. "They have lots of tapas here. They are served in small portions. That way you can try many different things until you are full. I'll definitely have albondigas, these are small meat balls in tomato sauce," explains Lu.

After they have eaten, they take a look around the street. "Look Cosmo, we can take this bus to the city centre. Then we can visit the Sagrada Família. That's a huge, wonderful church. It is 170 metres high! It has been under construction since 1882 and has still not been completed," Lu tells his little friend. "Oh, it's about time then!" giggles Cosmo. "Look at those beautiful, coloured windows and the towers – it really looks like something out of a fairytale!” says Lu dreamily while they are standing in front of the Sagrada Família.

Next, the two cranes go to Güell Park. "It's just as beautiful here as well! So many colours, and everything looks like a wonderland!" says Cosmo with big eyes. "That's right. I particularly like the big, colourful lizard! Antoni Gaudí created this park. He is very famous for his colourful, creative pieces of work,” says Lu knowingly. His little friend marvels at the lizard, which is pieced together from many coloured small stones to what is called a mosaic.

As proper football fans, both of them make a quick stop-off at Camp Nou afterwards. This time Cosmo is well-informed, too: "Lu, isn't this the stadium where FC Barcelona is at home?" "That's right! I have a surprise for you... I organised two tickets for us!" Cosmo is thrilled and the two of them watch an exciting football game in the huge stadium.

"Thank you for the tickets, Lu! You truly are a great friend. Would you like to find a beach?" Cosmo asks. "Yes, of course, let's take the tram there!" Lu answers.

It doesn't take long until they arrive at the beach. They swim until both of them are completely exhausted and tired. "That was a fantastic day," finds Cosmo when they arrive back at the hotel. "I agree, Cosmo. Let's go to sleep now, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Buenas noches. Good night," whispers Lu to Cosmo, who has already drifted off into the land of dreams.