Around the world with Lu and Cosmo

Beijing, the Great Wall of China and space

Lu and Cosmo feel like setting off on a new adventure – so they jump straight onto a plane and the journey begins! They fly to Beijing, which is the capital of China, with Lufthansa. On the long flight, Lu reads a lot about the country out loud to Cosmo and both decide to visit the famous Great Wall of China.

Cosmo says excitedly: “Lu, I heard that one can even see the Great Wall of China from the moon!” Lu laughs. “It is not possible to see the ‘Great Wall’ from the moon. It is too far away from earth for that to be possible. But astronauts can really see the wall from a space probe in space if they have a clear view.” Cosmo looks surprised. “Can they see me from space too if I climb on top of the wall?” “We should definitely try that,” laughs Lu.

When they both arrive in Beijing, Cosmo is astonished: “Lu, everything looks so different here! What are those line drawings on the walls and signs?” Lu explains it to him: “These are characters. The Chinese language is already very, very old. Back then they used to draw small pictures instead of using letters. Over time they were more and more simplified to enable one to write faster. The result are today's Chinese letters – so originally they were small pictures.”
Cosmo finds that really exciting. “So, if I were to go to school in China, I would learn how to draw these symbols?” “That's right, Cosmo. But it's not at all easy! Most alphabets have between 20 and 30 letters. But indeed there are many thousands of Chinese characters! But don't worry: It's only a question of practice,” laughs Lu, when he sees Cosmos shocked face.

First of all, both of them go to a restaurant to strengthen themselves before setting off on their explorations. The waiter welcomes them with the word “Nǐhǎo”. "What does that mean?" Cosmo wants to know. “Nǐhǎo means hello in Chinese,” says Lu. They order the Chinese delicacy Dim Sum, small dumplings filled with various treats and noodle soup containing so-called “Mie noodles”. “Yummy, that was delicious,” says Lu as they leave the restaurant and take a taxi to the Great Wall of China.

"Why is the Great Wall of China called 'Great Wall', Lu?” inquires Cosmo curiously. "Because it's so enormously long,” replies Lu. “In total, it is many thousands of kilometres in length and is several metres high. This makes it the largest construction in the world and it is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World!”

Cosmo replies amazed: "Why did the Chinese build such a long wall in the first place?" "It was built at the time to protect China against attacks. Today, only parts of the wall remain," explains Lu.

When the taxi stops in front of a large piece of wall, both cranes can only marvel. “Wow! This is really magnificent.” Lu and Cosmo climb up onto the wall. Cosmo looks up to the sky and start waving wildly. “If there are any astronauts up there: Many greetings from Beijing!” he calls. Then, they explore the enormous stone wall together.

In the evening, both arrive at their hotel, tired but happy. Cosmo jumps straight into bed. “That was a great excursion,” he mumbles. "Do you think the astronauts in space saw me waving?" “I'm sure they did,” smiles Lu. “Wǎn'ān. Good night, little friend.”