With Lu and Cosmo around the world

Hong Kong – a city of contrasts

Today, Lu and Cosmo are traveling with Lufthansa to the southern coast of China, or more precisely, Hong Kong.

“Phew, that was a long flight,” yawns Lu while getting off the plane.
“Yes, true, but luckily we slept a lot! So we can start looking round Hong Kong right away,” says Cosmo excitedly. The little crane has heard so much about this cosmopolitan city and can hardly wait to go on a tour of discovery with his best friend Lu!
“Sounds good!” smiles Lu. “But let’s get the suitcases to the hotel first and then eat something.”

“Oh yes, Chinese food is super tasty,” says Cosmo, looking forward to it and rubbing his stomach.

“In this restaurant they offer dim sum,” determines Lu, as the two come out of the hotel. “I’ve heard that you should definitely try those.”

Cosmo agrees immediately and so a short while later, the two cranes feast on small pockets of pastry that are filled and prepared in all kinds of different ways.
“It says here that dim sum ‘are little delicacies that touch the heart’,” reads Lu from his travel guide.
“Mm, they’re definitely delicious!” enthuses Cosmo with a full beak.

After eating, the two friends decide to take a look at Victoria Peak to start with, the best-known mountain in the city. They get onto the Peak Tram, the cable railway, which starts climbing up the steep track.

“Wow, we’re really high up here! And there’s skyscrapers everywhere!” marvels Cosmo. He looks out of the window of the tram and can’t stop his beak hanging open from astonishment.
And at the top, there’s another breathtaking view over Hong Kong for him and Lu to enjoy.
“In the travel guide I read that Hong Kong is a city of contrasts. For example, an incredible amount of people live here – over seven million – but there’s lots of nature here as well because of the numerous parks,” explains Lu.
“True. It’s certainly teeming with huge skyscrapers, but there’s a lot of green in between them!” realizes Cosmo. Then he thinks about it. “It’s also a contrast that there’s hills and mountains everywhere here, but there’s the huge Victoria Harbor and loads of water down there, isn’t that right?”
“Yes, exactly! Hong Kong has lots of mountainous landscapes as well as 263 islands,” nods Lu.

“Sooo many?” wonders Cosmo.
“Yes, some are very large, but there are also lots of small ones. You can still find isolated beaches and small, traditional fishing villages there. Another contrast,” explains Lu.

Following this impressive start, the two cranes think about what they want to do next.
“We could go shopping. The high-tech city of Hong Kong is famous for it,” thinks Lu aloud. “But actually I find the over 600 religious sites more exciting. Another contrast, by the way.”
“But you don’t want to see them all, do you?”, says Cosmo with eyes so wide that Lu has to laugh heartily. “No, no, don’t worry.”
The friends decide to visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, the most famous Buddhist temple in Hong Kong. “Are there really ten thousand?” marvels Cosmo as he looks at the many small Buddha statues that decorate the walls of the splendid temple.

“More than that – around 12,800! They were all donated by believers and 12 craftsmen worked on them for ten years!” reads Lu from his travel guide. “But if you want to see a really big Buddha, you have to go to the island of Lantau. The 34-meter-high Tian Tan Buddha can be found there on a mountaintop.”
“That’s as big as a skyscraper,” says Cosmo, scratching his head.
“Yes, that’s right, but we’ll have to put that off until tomorrow. I’m getting tired now,” yawns Lu again.

“We’ve got a lot to see over the next few days. I definitely want to go on one of the old ‘Star Ferry’ boats,” says Cosmo, as the two make themselves comfortable in their hotel bed.
“Let’s go on one, then. They’ve been shuttling across Victoria Harbor since 1888!” nods Lu. “I’d also like to see the Symphony of Lights, the light and sound show that takes place in Victoria Harbor every evening. It must be huge! And the old Clock Tower. And, of course, try the tasty street food at one of the many night markets. And ...”
“Oh yeah!” whispers Cosmo with heavy eyes. “That’ll be amazing!”

“Sleep well, dear Cosmo,” smiles Lu, but the only thing he can hear coming from his friend is gentle snoring.