Around the world with Lu and Cosmo

An exciting day in London

The two cranes are out and about again with Lufthansa: They are on their way to London! Once they have landed, they want to explore the British Capital with the "hop-on hop-off bus".
Right after they have dropped their suitcases off at the hotel, their tour with the double-decker bus begins.

"We can drive around with the bus all day long and get on and off wherever we like." Lu explains to his friend, "The buses stop at all of the important sights."
The two of them start at Trafalgar Square, the largest public square in London. They get off at Buckingham Palace. "Does the British Royal Family live here?” Cosmo asks and Lu explains to him: "That's right! Let's watch the changing of the guards. Even a band plays during this ceremony." "Great idea, Lu! And then we'll try to make the guards laugh," Cosmo suggests excitedly. "Because they always look so serious."

After that, Lu and Cosmo continue their journey. They drive past Westminster Abbey, the church, in which the King or the Queen is crowned and Big Ben, London's world-famous tower clock. "Big Ben stands for big Benjamin. Weighing 13.5 tons, it is the heaviest of the five tower bells," Lu reports. "That is as heavy as approximately ten small trucks!" he astonishes his friend.

At the London Eye, the highest Ferris wheel in Europe, they get off. Up in the gondola Cosmo raves: "Wow Lu, this is the best view over the river Thames!" And so Lu also admires the view over the large river and the fantastic city. Both of them are thrilled with their first day in London and plan to definitely take a boat trip across the Thames the next day. But first, they are going to bed now, to make sure they are fit for the next day. "Good night, little Cosmo!" is the last thing Cosmo hears before he falls asleep.