Lu and Cosmo – friendship at first sight

Lu – out and about on the theme of flying

Lu is the son of a crane family from North East Germany. He has two big passions: Flying and discovering the world. He is a real expert on the subject of flying: Aerodynamics, thermal currents and orientation in the air are his areas of expertise. His passion for travelling dates back to his early childhood days. From a very young age already, he has been flying to his sunny winter abode in beautiful Andalusia with his family every year in the late autumn. He loves the feeling of freedom, being able to fly – unlike many other living creatures.

One day, when he is on the road with his family again, he discovers a huge bird flying high in the sky over Frankfurt that he isn’t familiar with. He admires its size and its speed. Lu wants to find out all about it and follows it until the huge bird prepares to land.

Lu watches everything and moves closer to the landing place of the big bird – Frankfurt Airport. He is amazed: There are lots of these huge birds there, some of them are landing, some are taking off. Without even flapping their wings!

Lu decides that he has to discover everything there is to know about these wonder birds, even though he finds it hard to part from his family.

His journey of discovery lasts a long time, because there is something to discover in every corner. Everyone is pleased to see Lu, because both his fascination for flying and his friendly and open nature impress the people at the airport.

He finds out that the big birds are called “airplanes” and learns how they are able to fly without flapping their wings like him. He is particularly impressed that the airplanes fly to destinations all over the world. This means he can finally pursue his second passion, because he is just as popular on board as he is on the ground.

Welcome on board Cosmo

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Lu has forgotten his family. He regularly visits his parents and old friends in North East Germany every spring to admire the new offspring. As always when he is at home, he can’t laze around after saying hello to everyone, instead he has to set to work straight away, as if he has never been away. This time he has to egg sit on the floating nest of his parents, whilst they look for nesting material to repair the nest. So, he is sitting on the edge of the nest, when all of a sudden he sees a single egg float by. Lu reacts fast and pulls the egg into the nest.

Who could it belong to? While Lu is still thinking about it, he hears a quiet cheeping and the egg cracks open. Lu and the fluffy chick’s eyes meet – it is friendship at first sight! Over the next few days, the search for the chick’s parents brings no results. But the chick sticks to Lu‘s heels, because it considers Lu to be the attachment figure it needs.

When Lu‘s stay on Rügen draws to an end, the situation is clear for everyone: Nobody else can look after the chick as well as Lu. So, without further ado, Lu takes the small crane with him on his travels. The small chick looks up to Lu and Lu is impressed by the innocent spontaneity and courage of the chick. From now on, it will accompany the keen traveller Lu everywhere he goes. That makes him very cosmopolitan, a real globetrotter. So, Lu aptly names his new best friend Cosmo. You can learn how the story of the two cranes continues soon on!