Around the world with Lu and Cosmo

Lufthansa children’s meals – chosen by children and super tasty

The two friends Lu and Cosmo are once again back onboard Lufthansa and are going on a big trip. Suddenly we hear a deep growling noise coming from Cosmo’s direction and Lu asks, concerned: “Cosmo, is everything OK with you or have you got a little growly cuddly bear stowed away in your hand luggage?”

“No, it’s OK, I feel great, but every time we take off I very quickly feel incredibly hungry and my stomach grumbles loudly.”

Lu laughs out loud: “And that’s even though you don’t have to fly yourself! But I completely understand. Traveling makes you hungry. There’s bound to be something really tasty available for you.”

“Yes,” replies Cosmo, “definitely, but it’s still grown-up food. There are always lots of things I don’t really like.”

“Oh Cosmo, we’ve flown thousands of kilometers with Lufthansa and you always forget – just like the kids onboard, Lufthansa will give us an extra kid’s menu!”

“Oh super, kids will be onboard cooking for us? Have they got a children’s kitchen like at home?”

“No, there’s no cooking here onboard. There’s not enough space and all the cooking, sizzling, and bubbling would also be against safety regulations. All the tasty things that both young and grown-up passengers get served onboard are prepared in special kitchens on the ground. Whether it’s savory dishes, salads, sandwiches or sweet treats.”

“So children cook our kids’ meals in a large kitchen on the ground?!”, Cosmo continues.

“No, that's done by specially trained chefs. These chefs are called ‘sky chefs’ because they work for Lufthansa’s subsidiary company LSG Sky Chefs. They know all the special things you need to know about preparing airplane meals. They put more salt in their dishes than other chefs, for example. When you fly, the lower air pressure in the cabin changes our sensation of taste. This is why food onboard has more spices in it than food on the ground. And this is why lots of adults like drinking tomato juice when they fly even though they don’t like it on the ground. And, dear Cosmo, the sky chefs are, of course, not children themselves. But children did develop the current Lufthansa kids’ dishes with a special chef. This chef is called Sybille Schönberger and she’s really well known because she can cook really well. The children’s dishes not only look colorful and taste great, but they’re also really healthy. And they have great names, like Rainbow Salad and Rocket Sausages!”

“Woo, great, Rocket Sausages!”, says Cosmo, looking around, all excited: “Are the cabin crew coming round yet? The Rocket Sausages need to be in launch position immediately and I’ve always wanted to taste a rainbow!”

Lu laughs: “And you, if your tummy grumbles any louder, one of the cabin crew will come straight over here with a tray full of tasty kids’ dishes."

Want to try the colorful and tasty kids’ menus by Sybille Schönberger? No problem! They are available on some European and all long-haul routes by Lufthansa. Your parents can order your favorite meal online at or via the Lufthansa Service Center on +49-69-8679-9799 24 hours before you take off.

Calling young chefs and foodies: You can have a say in the Lufthansa children’s meals. The well-known chef Cornelia Poletto will soon take up her wooden spoon to create some new children’s meals. There’s still one space left on the judging panel – would you like to take part? You can find out exactly what you need to do in our competition.