Around the world with Lu and Cosmo

The Oktoberfest in Munich

The two cranes Lu and Cosmo are on their way to Munich today. Not that you need a special reason to visit the beautiful Bavarian capital, but today they want to go to the famous Oktoberfest! And, of course, they have dressed up especially for it: lederhosen for Lu and a hat with a Gamsbart (a tuft of hair traditionally worn as a decoration on traditional hats in Bavaria) for Cosmo.

The two proudly march through Munich Airport in their outfits ... and are amazed when they discover Lufthansa employees in the lounges and even a crew in the traditional Trachten costumes, too: the captain in lederhosen and the flight attendants in beautiful blue-yellow dirndls.
“Hey,” calls Lu, “where’s your uniform?”

“Ah,” laughs the captain, “for more than ten years now, a Lufthansa crew has swapped their uniform for the traditional costume on the occasion of the so-called ‘fifth season’ in Bavaria – which is why they call this crew the traditional costume, or Trachten, crew.”
“Wow, and it looks so great!” says Cosmo, amazed.

“However,” laughs one of the flight attendants, smoothing out the apron of her dirndl, “they are always made by different designers. The only thing that stays the same is the Lufthansa colors – understandably!”
“And where do you fly to in the traditional costume?” asks Lu curiously.

“Since the Oktoberfest is famous all over the world, we fly in traditional costumes not only within Germany, but also to destinations all over the world, for example Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Boston. Have you two been to the Oktoberfest?”
“No,” Lu and Cosmo reply in unison. “We’ve just arrived and can’t wait to see it!”
“Then have fun and eat a ‘Weischwurscht’ and a ‘Bretzn’ for us – we have to fly onwards now.” The flight attendants say goodbye to the two cranes, who immediately make their way to the festival area, the “Wiesn”.

Arriving there, they can’t stop their jaws from dropping – the Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese has certainly earned its name of being the “biggest fair in the world”: Everywhere there are rides, stalls with food and sweets, and huge tents, and everything is teeming with people, many of whom are in traditional costumes like Lu and Cosmo.
The two cranes don’t hesitate for a single second: they rush headlong into the hustle and bustle and try everything – as the crew recommended they should do – including, of course, the famous Weißwurst sausage and pretzels, until their pockets are empty and their bellies stuffed.

Exhausted and full of new impressions, the two of them make their way home.
“Next year we’ll do it again, okay?” asks Cosmo.
“Absolutely!” confirms Lu. “But on a flight with the Lufthansa Trachten crew this time.”