Stories about Lu and Cosmo

Adventures at the airport – with the Super JetFriends

„Cosmo? Cosmooo?“
Oh, how terrible! Lu and Cosmo were just sitting on the roof of a hangar with the evening sun warming their crane feathers – and suddenly Cosmo disappeared. “Where has he gone?” wonders Lu as he discovers an opening …

What Lu sees in the big hall amazes him. “Wow, this old propeller-driven plane still looks in good shape,” he calls. “But telescopes and geraniums, how do they go together? Hey! Wait for me, Cosmo!” In the plane the two friends discover a secret operations center with lots of mysterious gadgets.

“I just can’t believe it,” says Lu. “What’s in the box?” “Costumes!” replies Cosmo. “And it’s as if they were made for us!” „High five! We are the Super JetFriends!”, shouts Lu enthusiastically. “And we will have lots of really exciting adventures!” says Cosmo in agreement.

“Hey, I think they’ve already started!” shouts Lu excitedly. “Look on the monitor, the airport terminal. A cleaning robot has gone haywire.”

“And what’s with this letter? You must open it right away, Lu.” “It says here that the robot has a defect! Hmm, HSL, what could that stand for? Ah, I know. Has screw loose! In the truest sense, ha ha ha! Well, let’s get going!”

The Super JetFriends fly to the big airport terminal in next to no time. Cosmo is slightly behind, his costume a little too big, his wings still a little too small. “Not so fast, Lu!”

“I think I’ve found him!” calls Lu. At the other end of the terminal the faulty robot is causing complete chaos: Instead of cleaning, he is bumping into people and throwing luggage around.

“STOOOP! My ticket!” An old lady tries desperately to stop the cleaning robot. He has snatched her ticket.

“Quickly!” shouts Cosmo, “Before the robot causes even more mischief!” “It’s all back to normal, Cosmo. You will have to reconnect the red wire, because you can reach it better with your small wings.”

“Thank you for your help,” says the old lady. “Now I will make it to the plane on time!” On time, yes, thinks Lu with a grin. But maybe she should have checked in that huge hat as oversize baggage.

After their first successful mission the Super JetFriends have made themselves comfortable on the roof of the hangar. “It’s a lot of fun helping others,” says Cosmo. “Even a huge amount of fun!” And we are sure to have many more adventures at the airport.”

Lu was right. The adventure with the cleaning robot was only the start …