Win one of three huge stunt kites!

A stunt kite is the perfect thing now that fall is starting to arrive in various parts of the world. But these kites can also be used in summer with the right wind.

Get yourself one and then head to the nearest meadow or the beach or wherever you like – huge fun guaranteed.

The prize:

We’ll be putting one of three huge stunt kites by HQ up for grabs.
Symphony Beach III 1.3 stunt kite
▪ Dual-line stunt kite
▪ Ripstop polyester
▪ 55 cm x 130 cm
▪ Lines: 2 x 25 m
▪ From eight years

Did you know ...

... that Benjamin Franklin used a kite in 1752 to prove that flashes of lightning are electrically charged? He used this knowledge to invent a lightning rod!


Do not use without an adult present or near power cables, in storms, or very strong winds!