What is First Class?

Your question of the month October (2015)
Nina, 9 years old

First Class – I am sure you have probably heard that term before. But what does “First Class” actually mean?
Many airlines have three different “travel classes” or “service classes”. The difference between them is how much room you have on the plane, what food you are served, which films are available for you to watch as well as a few other points – and, of course, accordingly also the price of the plane ticket.

First Class is the highest class. Great extras are awaiting the passenger at the airport already. Many of the large airports have special check-in counters and First Class Lounges. You can relax on comfortable seats, eat something delicious, work in peace and quiet or even take a shower or a bath in the Lounges.

As a First Class passenger you are also allowed to board the plane first. On board, the seats are particularly comfortable and each passenger has plenty of room. At Lufthansa, the seats can even be converted into a bed! If somebody prefers to have some peace and quiet, he/she can put up a privacy screen. In addition, they have a huge selection of films and music in many languages and food prepared by top chefs. That’s the way to fly!

At the destination, First Class passengers receive their luggage quickly and can continue their journey immediately. By the way, when travelling First Class, you have a bigger baggage allowance.