Has a child ever achieved HON Circle status?

Your question of the month in October (2016)
Leonard, 14 years old

What exactly is a HON Circle Member and what is HON Circle status?

With Miles & More, the Lufthansa frequent flyer program, you can earn miles on every flight you take with Lufthansa, its partner airlines in the Star Alliance, or one of its other partner airlines. The accrued award miles can be redeemed for amazing rewards such as award flights, electronic devices, or luggage. Every member of the JetFriends Club can also do this with his or her clubcard.

The number of status miles accrued determine the status that someone has with Miles & More.
The more you fly, the more miles you earn – and more status miles mean a higher status level. There are three of these: Frequent Traveller, Senator, and, you guessed it, the HON Circle Member.

With 35,000 status miles (approx. nine flights from Munich to New York and back), you become a Frequent Traveller and get a silver card. With this card, you can use priority check-in at airports, spend the time before your flight in comfort in the Business Lounge, and also take more luggage on board with you than other passengers.

The experienced world traveller who manages to earn 100,000 status miles in a year is called a Senator. As a Senator you will get a golden card and many benefits: you can, for example, check-in at the First Class counter in comfort and make yourself feel like a true star by using the Senator and Star Alliance Gold Lounges available at the airport. You are also treated preferentially in the case of fully booked flights, and can take more luggage on board than Frequent Travellers.

By the way, HON is short for “HONorary,” so a HON Circle Member is a “member of a honorary circle” because he or she is a particularly loyal customer.

As a HON Circle Member, you have to have earned a total of 600,000 HON Circle miles in two consecutive years – that is around 24 flights from Europe to New York in First Class or 120 Business Class flights within Europe.
That’s the hurdle you have to get over before you can achieve this status!

If you’re a HON Circle Member, you will have access to the First Class Terminal, be driven to the aircraft in a limousine, and have your own personal assistant at the airport, etc.
Once you’ve had a taste of the HON Circle world, you’ll never want to go back.

So it’s no wonder that the super-exclusive HON Circle only has a few members worldwide.
This is why, dear Leonard, we can only answer your question with “No,” there hasn’t yet been a child who has achieved HON Circle status … HON Circle Members are on average 50 years old, often very successful professionally, and travel a lot.

You can check how many miles you’ve earned by checking your mileage account.