How does the food get on board the plane?

Your question of the month in May (2015)
Christiane, 9 years old

If you have ever flown on holiday, you will certainly have been served something delicious to eat on board. But how does that work with the food? Is there a chef on board the plane, who cooks everything fresh?

The answer to this is 'no'. There is not enough space on board and the safety regulations do not allow actual cooking on the plane. Instead, there are so-called catering companies that are responsible for the food.

At Lufthansa, this company is called LSG Sky Chefs. It is the largest company worldwide in this area and apart from Lufthansa, they supply more than 300 airlines with food for their passengers. LSG Sky Chefs first prepare the meals, which are then cooled down to a low temperature immediately afterwards. The thing that is particularly important: The portions all have to look the same and have to be the same size – so nobody gets jealous of their neighbour's portion on the plane. Then, the food is stored in trolleys. A forklift truck – a kind of lorry – then takes the trolleys to the plane, where they are loaded.

The trays, on which the food is served, are prepared before the flight. The cutlery, crockery and cold meals are positioned in the right place, so the flight attendants only have to add the warm main dishes to the rest later. These are heated up in the galley of the plane (the board kitchen). By the way: At flight altitude, the food tastes different than on the ground, because the low pressure changes our sense of taste. Therefore, the in-flight meal is seasoned stronger than food served on the ground.

In the case of most airlines, you can choose between different meals. In addition, special wishes, such as meals containing no meat or dairy products are no problem. When booking your Lufthansa flight, your parents can simply select the right meal. There are always special kids menus for children, which taste particularly good. A new Lufthansa Kids Menu was recently added, which Lu and Cosmo have examined more closely for you: The new Lufthansa Kids Menu

Have fun and bon appetit for your next Lufthansa flight!