Why was there “Fanhansa“ printed on some of Lufthansa’s planes in 2014?

Your question of the month in July (2014)
Jan, 9 years old

You got to see them often at various German airports and at airports all around the globe: Lufthansa planes with the “Fanhansa” logo printed on their sides. Well, Lufthansa was not thinking about changing its company name. The reason for the new imprints was the football world championship 2014 in Brazil.

Germany’s biggest airline has come up with a great idea for all fans of football and travelling during the world cup: Eight planes have been plastered with a completely new logo including a giant football and a German flag. Lufthansa thus became Fanhansa. Two short-haul and six long-haul aircrafts have been spreading a sporty atmosphere since May 16th, 2014.

The newly designed planes could be spotted worldwide in the weeks around the World Championship. As Lufthansa is an official partner of the German Football Association (DFB) the German national football team has been transported to Brazil with the new Fanhansa planes. The German team was also picked up by a Fanhansa Boeing 747-8, the world’s longest commercial aircraft, after the final. Besides, photographers, reporters and all other passengers had the chance to fly with Fanhansa planes.