What can I do on my Lufthansa flight?

Your question of the month in November (2015)
Hazel, 9 years old

A journey is pretty exciting, particularly a flight. There are many interesting and exciting things for children to discover on a Lufthansa flight.
For example, you can find a lot of information on travelling and flying in our JetFriends logbook for adventurous kids. You can also paste stickers into it or enter all your destinations on the map. And the best thing is: You can have your Lufthansa flights entered into your logbook and signed by a member of our crew! Learn more about the logbook here:

In addition, our Lufthansa Inflight Entertainment is awaiting you on all long-haul flights. What does that mean? Inflight Entertainment means entertainment on board the plane. You can watch many films and series extra for children on your screen in the seat in front of you. Maybe your favourite film or your favourite series is among them! If you are not in the mood to watch TV, no problem: We have also compiled a selection of children's music and audio books (Lu's and Cosmo's travel adventures are also among them) as well as jigsaws, quizzes, memory and puzzle games for you.

Furthermore, we have prepared a couple of game ideas for you, which you don't require a pencil or paper for, all you need is your fantasy and at least one other player. And you are ready to go!

1. What is different?

Who is the best observer? A player is chosen, who will be intensively watched by the other players for 30 seconds. Then everybody closes their eyes and the chosen person changes a detail in his/her appearance. For example, he/she changes the watch over from the left to the right arm, takes off his/her scarf or changes his/her hairstyle. It gets exciting once everybody opens their eyes again: Who discovers the change first?

2. "Yes-No-Game":

One player asks the others questions. These cannot be answered with "yes" or "no". Otherwise, any other word may be said. You think that is easy? Then think about what you want to answer if your parents ask you "Are you looking forward to the holiday?" - try it! If a player answers "yes" or "no" by accident, it is his/her turn to ask the questions.