How do the Miles & More miles actually work?

Your children’s question of the month for April (2017)
Anja, 10, from Frankfurt

Here at JetFriends you often see the words “Earn miles” or “Spend miles,” but what do they actually mean? What exactly are you earning and how and what do you get from it?

In order to earn miles, you need a Miles & More account. When you register for JetFriends, you’ll automatically get an account and you’ll also receive your first 500 award miles as a welcome gift.
With this account, you can start earning miles straightaway: for each flight you take with Lufthansa or one of its many partner airlines, any purchases made in specific shops, and hotel or rental car bookings, for example, a certain number of miles is credited to your account as a thank you.

There are different types of miles ...

… award and status miles.
Award miles are miles that can be redeemed for awards. This means you can redeem your miles for a so-called “award flight,” for example. Or for awards from the Lufthansa WorldShop. For children, there are toys, sports items, children’s suitcases, and lots more ... there’s bound to be something there for you!

And if you’ve found something you like and you have enough miles, you can simply pay using your award miles, provided your parents give you permission. Isn’t that cool? If you don’t yet have enough award miles, don’t worry, you have a long time in which to earn them.

As a JetFriend, your award miles won’t expire as long as you are a JetFriend so you can earn them over several years – and maybe when you’re a teenager you can use them to “pay for” a language trip or your first flight without your parents.

The second type of Miles & More miles are status miles

Status miles are only credited for flights, specifically flights you take with Lufthansa, other airline partners in the Star Alliance, and also some other airlines. The number of status miles you earn each calender year determines the “status” you have with Miles & More. The more you fly, the more miles you earn – and more status miles means a higher status level. There are three status levels: Frequent Traveller, Senator, and HON Circle Member.
With each status you can enjoy specific benefits and advantages when flying, such as a higher free baggage allowance, priority check-in at the airport, being able to relax in a lounge before your flight, and much more.

How many status miles do you need to get a silver club card (Frequent Traveller)? And what does it mean to be a “Senator” (gold club card)? Find out more about the difference Miles & More status levels here .