Three questions to a Lufthansa pilot

Your question of the month in June (2015)
Raphael, 6 years old

Raphael has a few questions on the theme of being a "Lufthansa pilot". They were answered by Katja Rossi, co-pilot at Lufthansa.

Why did you become a pilot?
During a student exchange programme in England, I had the opportunity to take a glimpse at the cockpit of an Airbus A320. All those buttons, switches, the captain's stories about his job and the phenomenal view from the cockpit window fascinated me so much as a 14-year-old, that directly after completing my A-Levels, I applied to Lufthansa to become a pilot. The job is varied and never boring. Each landing fascinates me time and time again.

Which was the most beautiful view from the cockpit you have ever experienced?
I always enjoy watching the sunrise in the early morning sky.

What do you like about Lufthansa in particular?
Working for Lufthansa makes me proud. Lufthansa is a great airline and it is fun working for them. As a pilot, I can choose between different plane patterns in my career, which I'm allow to fly initially as a co-pilot and then as a captain. The team spirit and solidarity among the colleagues is also very special.