Why don’t you see stars from the airplane window at night?

Your kid’s question of the month for November (2017)
Bennett, 5, from Gera

Did you ever fly in the dark? If so, did you miss something?
Most passengers do not even notice that something is missing when looking out of the airplane window at night: the stars!

Very funny, especially since you are much closer to the stars when flying than on the ground ...
This is because even weak light (such as a cell phone screen or your neihbors reading lamp) reflects in the aircraft windows and "outshine" the glow of the stars. The fact that  windows in most passenger aircraft do not have one, but of three windowpanes make this effect even worse: the reflection of the light in an airplane is therefore much stronger, which is why the stars remain "dark."

There is a small chance to see stars glow from the plane! If you've got a window seat and the cabin is dark, put your jacket or blanket over your head and get your eyes used to the darkness. Now you can raise the jacket or blanket just high enough that you can look out of the window, but no light can come in.

Have fun trying!