What is In-flight Entertainment?

Your question of the month in August (2016)
Sam, 12 years old

Anyone who’s ever gone on a long-haul flight will know that children’s films and series can be a great way of diverting them and passing the time. But how are the films, series, audiobooks and music actually delivered to the television and headphones on an aircraft?

This is why we have Lufthansa “in-flight entertainment” (IFE). Imagine it as being a huge media library. All the films, series, audiobooks and music are stored here and made available to passengers. So when you get on board, you can choose what most appeals to you. Maybe your favorite film or series will even be there!

And a really practical aspect is that you can pause any content whenever you want, so if the friendly cabin crew are providing you with a snack or your tasty children’s meal, you won’t miss anything and can continue watching or listening after you’ve finished eating. If you don’t want to watch television, no problem, because there are also some great listening games and music albums available in the Kids section. Games are also available on many flights.

Who decides what is offered on the IFE?

The Lufthansa IFE team works with an agency to find the best and most entertaining films, television programs, music CDs, audiobooks and games. It’s not as easy as it sounds! There needs to be something for every age, taste, and culture!

The television screen on the back of the seat in front of you – called the in-seat screen – is not the only way of enjoying the IFE. Not every flight has this system, which is why Lufthansa offers a service on many short-haul flights where you can play films, series, etc. on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop. All you need is the Lufthansa Entertainment app or a special program for your laptop – and away you go!

   On the Lufthansa website or in the app, you and your parents can see which films and series will be offered on your flight before you’ve even started your trip.