Tip: Lufthansa Family check-in

in Frankfurt, Munich and Cairo

Did you know? At the airports in Frankfurt (Terminal 1, Hall B, Counters 336-338), Munich (Terminal 2, Counters 425-426) and Cairo (Terminal 3, Counters 320-321) you can find our Lufthansa Family check-in desk. Kids like you are our main priority because our crew think you are the coolest!

Where the smallest are the coolest

You can see the Lufthansa Family check-in from far away when you enter the airport. Your friends Lu and Cosmo greet you from the entrance to check-in and you can check out their latest fun adventures on the screen above the desk. Then it’s time to move on to check-in, where you and your parents leave your luggage and pick up your boarding cards. Your teddy or doll is also flying with you? No problem! They also get their own boarding card with different designs for every season.

Link tip

There is even more information for you and your parents on the Lufthansa site: Flying with children