Airbus A380-800

The flying giant

The A380-800, the largest passenger plane in the world, has been in service for Lufthansa since June 2010. Its huge size is of course clear to see – it can accommodate 526 passengers. With over 500 people, boarding can take a while. To make sure boarding is just as quick as in other planes there are several entrances on different levels.

The wingspan of the A380-800, that is to say the distance from the tip of one wing to the other, is almost 80 metres. That is a record for all planes and is even wider than a football pitch! The A380-800 is also a true heavyweight, weighing in at 569 tons. That is the same as 110 elephants. Hard to believe!
But the size of the A380-800 is not the only impressive thing. The latest technology was used to make long flights even more comfortable and

environmentally friendly. The interior of the A380-800 is the height of modern and smart. The seats have been improved to give more legroom. First Class is especially clever: the seats can even be folded out into a bed! Do you want to watch a film, listen to music or an audio book during the flight? Every passenger has their own screen, so you can choose what you want to watch!

By the way, it is very quiet inside the A380-800. That is thanks to the special engines. During take-off they have the same power as 3,500 cars put together to get the A380-800 off the ground!