Lufthansa Cargo – Boeing 777F

More than meets the eye

Aircraft not only connect passengers with the world, but they also carry cargo – in large amounts and within short periods of time.
Lufthansa has its own cargo airline for this purpose: Lufthansa Cargo. The core of the Lufthansa Cargo fleet currently comprises five twin-engine Boeing 777F and 12 three-engine MD-11F.
The Boeing 777F sets new benchmarks: not only is it the biggest cargo airplane with the largest

loading hatch, but it is also one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly cargo aircraft around. On long-haul flights, it can fly without having to make a stopover – the B 777F can stay in the air for ten-and-a-half hours with 103 tons of load capacity (103 tons is the equivalent of around 25 large elephants or 17 small cars).
And with this incredible load, it can manage a route of around 9,045 kilometers, the equivalent of the distance from Frankfurt to Hong Kong as the crow flies!