Dear Parents,
Welcome to JetFriends, the free club for kids and teens! Do you have questions about JetFriends or are looking for a particular subject? Then you are in the right place! We have put together a summary of the most frequently asked questions for you here. If you have a question that is not answered here you can get in touch with us using the contact form.

Click on the “Login / Registration” button at the top right. You will be directed to the registration form that you have to then fill out. Your child will need an own username and secret password. For security reasons we recommend not using their real name but rather a neutral name such as “Jumbojet456”.
You will receive an email to confirm the registration. Afterwards, your child’s personal profile is activated and fully accessible.
Please note: Children residing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are excluded from participation, as these two countries do not participate in the JetFriends programme.

As long as your child entered an email address upon registration we can gladly send you a new password. Simply click on “Forgotten password?” during login and you will receive an automatically generated new password that you child can use to login. For security reasons we recommend changing this password again after login.
You can also follow this link: Password forgotten

If your family moves house or other details have changed you can alter them at any time in “Your Profile”. 

All earned miles are saved in the JetFriends login area at the Miles & More online account. Simply log in and check your current account balance under “Your Profile”.

Of course it is possible to have miles credited retroactively within six months. To do so you will need a receipt, for example a boarding card or ticket. It can sometimes take a while for the miles to be credited. Therefore please wait 14 days before you request the retroactive credit. You can find all the forms you need here.

As long as your child is a JetFriends club member all award miles remain fully valid and do not expire. After their 18th birthday all earned miles at the Miles & More online account stay valid until the mileage expiration sets in. By the way, after registering with JetFriends your child receives 500 award miles.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Miles accounts are always personal.

Your child can leave the JetFriends club at any time because membership is voluntary and free of charge. To do so, simply go to “Your Profile” and click on “Cancel membership” and follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as JetFriends membership has been cancelled any award miles earned are subject to expiry!

Please note: cancellation of club membership does not affect membership of the Miles & More programme. That has to be cancelled separately. To do so please send us a signed confirmation of cancellation by post or fax to the following address:

Miles & More Service Team
Postfach 12 00
33409 Verl
Fax: +49 5241 – 80 60 200