Lufthansa family check-in areas in Frankfurt, Munich and Cairo

Lufthansa treats kids like VIPs

At Lufthansa, we do everything to ensure your flight gets off to a relaxed and uncomplicated start for you and your family. Even checking-in is good fun for excited children with the Lufthansa family check-in: Lu and Cosmo, the two funny cranes, welcome children and their parents at the special family check-in counters. A large archway helps families find the family check-in quickly in the departure hall. There is a staircase for smaller children so they can also reach the counter to check-in themselves and their "escorts".*

Boarding pass for cuddly toys

The dolls, teddy bears and co. receive their own "Best Friends Boarding Pass". Of course, it is very easy to check-in the entire family at our family check-in counters: Drop-off your baggage and receive your boarding passes.

Online and mobile check-in and baggage drop-off

It is best if you use the online and mobile check-in from the comfort of your own home or on the move prior to visiting the family check-in. This enables you to reserve adjacent seats for the whole family already 23 hours prior to departure. You can easily drop-off your luggage at the Lufthansa family check-in on the day of travel (and, of course, also at the baggage drop-off counters or baggage kiosks).

Family Pilot

At the family check-in counter you will receive the brochure "The Family Pilot" that contains valuable tips about the airport: Where are the playgrounds, baby changing units or the nearest viewing terrace?

* The family check-in counters are available to parents and their children aged up to 7 years. They are currently located in Frankfurt (in Departure Hall B at counters 336 - 338), in Munich (in the departure hall at counters 446 - 448) and in Cairo (in Terminal 3 at counters 320 and 321).