Children and Internet

Children love to surf the internet for interesting topics, to communicate with friends and of course also to play games. That is why it is particularly important to explain some rules to them from the very beginning and make them aware of possible dangers that lurk in the unlimited realms of the World Wide Web. Teach your children how to use the internet in a responsible way. Then they can familiarise themselves with it safely and without any worries. Children want the internet to be fun after all. And parents want to know that they are safe. JetFriends is therefore constantly inspected by the editorial team. Here are some suggestions about using the internet that you can talk about with your children:

  1. Children cannot fully comprehend the scope of the internet. Explain to your child how important it is to stick to data privacy rules. They should not disclose personal information such as their name or address.
  2. Passwords are secret and should not be told to anyone, not even their best friend.
  3. Make your children aware of the fact that they do not know all of the people that they communicate with personally and that these people do not always necessarily tell the truth.
  4. Children are trusting. Talk to your children and tell them that they should never meet up with people that they have met on the internet on their own.
  5. Parents of younger children should be particularly vigilant of their children’s internet activities. That is why it is important that you show your child how interested you are. Ask them now and again what they have been up to and take all of their questions seriously.
  6. It is important to make your children aware of the dark side of the internet as well. What you talk about exactly depends on the child’s age and maturity. Offer to also talk about things that make them feel unhappy.

Finally, you can tell your children about “netiquette”. That is nothing other than that you should behave in just as polite and respectful a manner when chatting as you should in real life.