Does your child love flying, pilots and Lufthansa and wants to know all about faraway countries? Then JetFriends is exactly the right club! All children between the ages of 2 and 17 are welcome to discover the exciting world of flying and enjoy the advantages of being a JetFriend – completely free of charge.

As soon as the young explorers are on board with JetFriends we will send them their first welcome greetings, as well as their own JetFriends clubcard to earn miles.  

How to register your child:

Click the “Login/Registration” button to see the registration form and fill it out. Your child will need their own JetFriends username and a secret password. For security reasons we recommend not using their real name but rather a neutral name such as “Jumbojet456”. After you have submitted the form you will receive another email to confirm the resgistration. After that, your child will receive a letter within the next few days with their own clubcard. Your child’s personal profile is then immediately activated and fully accessible. 

How can my child cancel its membership?

Your child can leave the JetFriends club at any time because membership is voluntary and free of charge. To do so, simply go to “Your Profile” and click on “Cancel membership” and follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as JetFriends membership has been cancelled any award miles earned are subject to expiry!

Please note: cancellation of club membership does not affect membership of the Miles & More programme. That has to be cancelled separately. To do so please send us a signed confirmation of cancellation by post or fax to the following address:

Miles & More Service Team
Postfach 12 00
33409 Verl
Fax: +49 5241 - 80 60 200