Win a VR-PRIMUS Xiaomi Mi with Lufthansa and JetFriends and turn your smartphone into virtual reality glasses. Place a smartphone into the headset and put it on – and you’ll find yourself in another world that you can explore in all directions simply by moving your head.
By the way: “Diving” into a virtual world, i.e. the feeling that you’re actually there, is called immersion. Lots of VR apps in the industry are therefore not called films or games, but “experiences.”

• Compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones
• Includes Bluetooth remote control
• Adjustable headband
• Large lenses and large field of vision
• Compatible with Google Cardboard apps

Smartphone requirements: 
• Android or iPhone smartphone
• 4.7–5.7-inch screen
• Integrated gyroscope (available on most smartphones)

Package contents: VR-PRIMUS Xiaomi Mi, instructions (including QR code for Google Cardboard apps), and Bluetooth remote control

App tip

With the free Lufthansa VR app, you can explore travel classes, aircraft, and potential destinations in 360-degree videos without ever having to leave your room.

The app for iOS or Android can take you to lots of places, including San Francisco, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing.
You can, for example, be a virtual observer at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge or sit with the pilot in the cockpit.