You had a fantastic trip? Share it with us!

You can find plenty of information about holidays and trips on the internet and in travel brochures, but experiences gained by other teenagers are particularly interesting, don't you think? Therefore, we are always on the lookout for exciting travel reports about your experiences! Tell other JetFriends Club members where you have been, what you experienced, what kinds of unusual food you tried or which types of exciting new sports you got to know, but also what you weren’t too keen on perhaps.

How can I participate?

If you would like to tell other JetFriends about your holiday or exchange, we look forward to receiving your reports! It is very simple: First, choose one of the three categories language holidays, school exchange, or discover cities. Answer our questions about your trip and afterwards you can upload up to five photos.* Finally, enter your data and confirm that you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and that you have your parent's consent to submit your report and your photos.

What happens next?

Our editors select the best reports among all of the submitted articles, which will subsequently be published on Then, all members will be able to see your photos and read about your exciting experiences! You can always find the latest reports under the rubrics language holidays, school exchange and discover cities – check it out and find out, for example, where surfboards are not an uncommon sight in the classroom or how to spend a holiday in a city entirely without a car.

* Please note: We are only allowed to publish photos, if we have the consent of all persons depicted. Therefore, please only send us photos, which only show you or on which no other person is depicted clearly in the foreground.