Colourful, loud, crazy: Bangkok pulsates with life. It is the perfect city for anyone, who is looking for an exciting city full of adventures!

Local specialities

Even before you take your first mouthful, make sure you have switched to experimentation mode because Thai cuisine, with its influences from India, China and Indonesia and other countries, is absolutely unique. A whole host of exotic flavours such as lemongrass and coriander, combined with plenty of chili, create delicious dishes that you can find at the countless stands on the city streets at very affordable prices.

If you prefer a combination of European and Thai cuisine to ease yourself in gently, we can recommend the Eat Me Restaurant. Prior reservation is a must because the locals also love to go there!

A few little facts

Particularly adventurous tourists in Bangkok can even try insects such as grasshoppers and mealworms – deep-fried and crispy with a little soy sauce, they’re pretty tasty! Tip: the food is not extraordinary, the service on the other hand is – at the Hajime restaurant robots bring your food to the table and take your plates away with them.

If you visit Bangkok in April you are in for a treat: Songkran, the Thai New Year according to the lunar calendar, offers a vast party programme with parades and much more. A traditional custom is to wash the Buddha statues. Over time that has developed into a full on water fight in the city, where everyone can take part with water pistols or even buckets.

Good to know

Transport in Bangkok is very adventurous. If you are not afraid of driving fast, try taking a tuk tuk. The motorised rickshaws have the advantage that they can often wind through the cars in traffic jams. The numerous water taxis that scoot along the many rivers and canals are another option. Bangkok has gained the nickname “The Venice of the East”.

Shopping time

Why not then get off at the Chatuchak weekend market, where you can find (almost) anything from clothing and souvenirs to fighting fish. And if you prefer an air-conditioned shopping mall that is no problem either. Bangkok also has a number of huge shopping malls such as the Mah Boon Krong centre and the fancy Siam Paragon.

Bangkok has a tropical climate meaning that temperatures are usually over 30 degrees Celsius with very high humidity. The rainy season with sometimes very severe flooding is from May to October. The best time to travel is between November and April/strong> in the off-peak season.

A note on the nightlife: be aware that people under 20 years old are not allowed in most bars and nightclubs. In general there is a 10 o’clock curfew for anyone under 18 years of age. The standard visa that you will be granted for your Thailand holiday lasts for a maximum of 30 days.

Art & culture

Thailand is especially famous for its wats. They are religious temples of which there are over 400 in the capital Bangkok alone. Wat Pho is the largest temple in the country and houses a 46 m long Buddha statue. Buddhism is the state religion and ought to be respected by wearing appropriate, long, light clothing when entering the temples. Due to the tropical temperatures and mosquitoes that kind of clothing is recommendable anyway.

You have to take your shoes off before entering a temple. Wat Saket is somewhat quieter than the main tourist attractions. It offers a brilliant view from its position on top of the artificial Golden Mount. You can get a great view of Bangkok’s colourful and bustling streets from the country’s tallest building, the Baiyoke II Tower. It is 328 m high!

The streets of Bangkok Chinatown are particularly bright and colourful. Lots of gold, red paper lanterns, gaudy neon lights and noisy buses offer an interesting contrast to the Buddhist temples, the super modern shopping malls and the up to 200 year old village huts just outside the city, which show just how diverse the city Bangkok is.