Theatre under a starry sky, games to touch, bathing ship and more – Berlin is large, colourful and most of all very versatile!

A few little facts

Berlin, our capital and seat of the Bundestag and the national government, not only has a lot to offer on the surface. Berliner Unterwelten e. V., a Berlin club, explores the underground buildings and facilities in Berlin and makes them accessible to residents and visitors in exciting tours, e.g., through war ruins. In addition, the club runs the Berlin Underworld Museum in an old air raid shelter at the Gesundbrunnen underground railway station.

Even more living history is offered by the DDR museum: under the motto "history you can touch" it is possible to walk through everyday rooms of the DDR period, opening doors and drawers and thus discover a lot. If you then long to cool down, you can dip into the cold and wet water of the Berlin bathing ship in Treptow. Laying at anchor on the River Spree, the old cargo boat, which is lined with a floating membrane, has a sandy beach, a bar and a pool, which are combined to form an unusual recreation centre.

Fitness & fun

If swimming is just a bit too energetic for you, why not relax in the Berlin Botanical Garden, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Here you can marvel at 22,000 different types of plants in the large tropical house, the highest greenhouse in the world. Things get especially exotic in the gardens of the world. Nine differently themed gardens, such as the Japanese or the Korean garden, make you feel like you are walking in a faraway country. You can also test your skills at mastering a maze and a labyrinth.
If you want to climb high in the world, a roof rope garden in the roof of a former school offers you climbing fun throughout the year. On the other hand, if you want to climb in the open air, one of the best places to go is the “Kick the Ropes” ropes course at the Olympic Park site in Charlottenburg.

Art & culture

The Brandenburg Gate is a classic landmark of Berlin. Did you know that the Quadriga (that's the horse-drawn carriage with the goddess of victory, perched on the gate) was taken to Paris in 1806 by Napoleon? In the meantime, it has, of course, long since been back in its proper place.
We would also like to suggest you visit the Zeiss Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg. Here, in addition to looking at the stars, you can also listen to the regular series "cinema theatre under the stars".

It gets more technical in the computer games museum. Join the people playing through the 21st century, beginning with the very first computer game Nimrod through to a life-sized Lara Croft. In the "Wall of Hardware" you can view 50 game consoles from the beginning up until today. Or using both arms you can get the giant joystick moving.

Speaking of technology: in the German Technical Museum you can learn all about film, photo, medical, air and space technologies as well as printing. In the summer holidays, a varied programme is offered, so for example you can print your own poster or make your own fizzy drinks.
Plenty of action is also available on the disused Tempelhof Airport, now called Tempelhofer Freiheit (Freedom). An ice-rink, fairs, festivals, a theatre, guided tours – the listed building, which was used to produce armaments in the Second World War, guarantees an exciting day.

Shopping time

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Bergmannstrasse: Wandering around the "most colourful street in Berlin" with its exotic restaurants, cute cafés and small shops is very inviting, particularly if you are looking for a tasty meal. There is even a market hall amongst the old buildings lining the road.

Berliner specialities

You have no doubt heard it before: the wonderful currywurst was "invented" in Berlin. It is supposed to have been sold for the first time at a snack stall in September 1949. Or perhaps you prefer something sweeter? Then, you shouldn't miss out on the delicious mini-cupcakes from tigertoertchen in the Spandauer Strasse at any circumstances! The juicy cakes with a creamy topping are available in different varieties from strawberry-rhubarb, plum-poppy, raspberry bears and cookie-dough through to cinnamon magic. You certainly won't leave here with an empty tummy!

Good to know

The capital is a permanent tourist attraction. It is a bit less crowded in spring and autumn. Take a boat trip then on one of the many waterways of the city and get off at one of the magnificent parks. There are also lots of cool beach bars along the Spree and Havel rivers, if you'd rather watch the goings-on from solid ground.
One more tip: The entry fee to the radio tower is much less than that of the television tower, even though you have just as spectacular views over Berlin from there.