Sarah T., 17 years old
Type of holiday: Family holiday
Destination: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Population: over 2 million
Duration: 7 days

Sarah, what did you see in Dubai?
Sarah: We went up the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and went in the world’s largest shopping centre. That was pretty impressive. And then the beach, that was just paradise!

The beach was probably just like in holiday brochures right?
Sarah: Exactly, just blue and white! But it is really hot over there, around 43 degrees every day. But it was summer when were there after all.

Was there anything that you didn’t like as much?
Sarah: Yes. It was the fasting time for the Muslims while we were there. That meant it was very difficult to find anything to eat during the day or anywhere where you were allowed to eat in public.

So the fasting time also affects tourists?
Sarah: Yes, it does. We also went to Abu Dhabi for two days and they follow the rules very strictly there. Absolutely everything was closed during the day. The people in Dubai were a little more open, so it was possible to get something to eat in the hotels during the day for example.

Can you tell us anything about the local population there?
Sarah: It is very unusual for us to see men wearing long robes and the women being completely veiled. But they are used to the tourists and are very welcoming. I didn’t see any local young people there, who were out with other boys or girls, I only ever saw families or a husband and wife out on the streets together.

Are there restrictions for women there then?
Sarah: Yes, women are only ever out together with men. There are special water parks with an extra day when women are allowed to go there with children, otherwise they may only go there in the company of a man.

If you had the chance would you travel to Dubai again?
Sarah: If I had the money and the time I would definitely go again! A week is not enough in that country. If possible it is better to stay for longer.