A trip around the Emerald Isle

Robin P., 16 years old
Type of holiday: Family holiday
Destination: Dublin/Ireland (tour)
Population: approx. 500,000 (Dublin)
Duration: 7 days

Robin, can you give us an idea of what a coach tour is like?
Well, I was travelling with my family for a total of 7 days. First we flew from Hanover to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Dublin. We only had one day in Dublin itself, where we went to the large castle gardens and through the city centre. We saw the statue of Molly Malone and also took a bus tour through the city. The coach tour started the next day. It went from Dublin to the south west coast, along the Ring of Kerry, and to a few of the larger towns such as Kilkenny, Cork and Killarney.

That sounds like a pretty full schedule.
Yes, we did see a lot. That obviously means that you don’t have much time in each place, but we always looked up a few attractions in the guide book. Generally, it was quite spur of the moment as to what we visited, or we exchanged tips with the other people on the tour.

What was your personal highlight of the trip?
Guinness beer is definitely something special. Ireland is really famous for it. You really can’t compare it with the Guinness you get in Germany, but the recipes are also different for each country because everyone has slightly different tastes. The feeling of drinking a Guinness in a real Irish pub, and the taste, was just amazing. Because I am under 18 I obviously wasn’t allowed to go in most of the pubs, but in some of the smaller ones it was OK if I was with my parents.

And what did you notice particularly about the Irish people?
Their whole attitude to life really made an impression on me. They are just really relaxed, not narrow minded. They aren’t so strict about being punctual for example. The world isn’t going to end if somebody turns up five minutes late; they are just generally more laid back.