Bugibba (Malta)

Bugibba (Malta)

Priszilla W., 17 years old
Type of holiday: Youth travel
Destination: Bugibba (Malta)
Duration: 2 weeks in July

Where did you travel to and how long did you stay there?
Priszilla: I went on a trip with a tour operator, who specialises in youth travel. We flew to Malta for two weeks. Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean south of Italy, between Europe and Africa. The tour operator offers many excursions, so you can really see and experience a lot. By the way, Malta was a British colony for a long time, that's why they still drive on the left there, just like in Great Britain.

Where did you stay during your travels?
Priszilla: I stayed with my best friend at Hotel Primera (3 star) with half-board. We had a room for three people just for the two of us. That was great, because we pushed 2 separate beds together and thus had a big one. We used the third bed for our suitcases or as a sofa. :)
The hotel has a roof terrace and a pool, which were not the nicest ones, but the view was amazing! Anyway our motto was: Who needs a pool when you can go swimming in the sea?

Bugibba is a small town in the northern part of the island in St. Paul's Bay. Bugibba has a beautiful beach promenade as well as rocks in the sea and a man-made sandy beach. You can buy small presents and souvenirs in the small shops on the beach promenade.
There were also small bars with live music close to the hotel, which is particularly recommendable in the evening hours to round off the day.

What was the highlight of your journey?
Priszilla: There were many! We sailed around the entire island on an old pirate boat and saw various film sets from films such as Gladiator, The Count of Monte Christo and Troy, for example. Very exciting! On another day, we sailed to the Blue Lagoon on a catamaran. The Blue Lagoon is a bathing paradise with really turquoise blue water!

We went on another excursion to the capital city of Valletta. The city is breathtakingly beautiful! There are also many stores where you can go shopping and there is a great view over the harbour. Historically and culturally rich in information, there is a lot to experience and learn in Valletta.

Mdina is one of the earlier capitals of Malta. It is built like a fortress with city walls and is located high up on one of Malta's hills. Malta is famous for its glass art. Many extravagant glass sculptures, stones and paintings, as well as tableware and jewellery can particularly be found in Mdina. Really beautiful!

In our free time, which we had a lot of outside the youth travel programme, we were able to take a bus to the beaches. We decided to go to both Golden Bay and then on another day to Mellieha Beach. The beaches are wonderful: You can walk far out into the sea and the water is so warm! In addition, there are water activities, such as driving speedboats, banana boat rides or water skiing.

Was there something you weren't too keen on?
Priszilla: The hotel hardly offered any variety in the food, it was mostly pasta or schnitzel. Therefore, we often ate in restaurants outside of the hotel, there were many options on the beach promenade. The beach in Bugibba was unfortunately a bit rocky and artificially covered with sand. But there are enough other beaches, which can easily be reached by bus.

Paceville is the party district of the island. As in Germany, it is not permitted to consume alcohol under the age of 18, therefore we didn't go out to party. Once we went with the guardians of the youth travel programme to Paceville during the day to watch the start of the evening hours in the late afternoon. Indeed, many people already drink alcohol in the early evening, which was a bit disturbing.

What else would you like to tell us about your journey?
Priszilla: Malta is a great destination for teenagers. The beaches are wonderful and the sea is fantastic! You can move around freely and as the island is so small you can get everywhere fast. Especially in summer the sea is warm, the outside temperature is hot during the summer (approx. 30 degrees Celsius), but comfortable in the evenings.

As Malta is an island, it is windy everywhere! But that can be very pleasant when it is so hot. The sun is so strong that it's easy to get sunburnt. It is therefore recommendable to always use sun cream (at least SPF 30). A hat as headgear is also a must to avoid getting sunstroke and drinking plenty of fluids is important too, especially on excursions! Then, you can have a lot of fun on Malta.