Valentina P., 16 years old
Type of holiday: Family holiday
Destination: Salzburg (Austria)
Population: approx. 145,000
Duration: 7 days

Valentina, was this the first time you’d been to Austria?
Valentina: No, we go there once a year. It’s a long story, but our family has had friends there for over 50 years now. My mother’s parents went spontaneously to Henndorf 50 years ago and couldn’t find a hotel room.

Because the people from the hotel knew my grandparents so well they sent them to some friends of theirs to stay the night. Those friends then took over the hotel at a later stage… They are now very good friends of ours and we visit them very often if we are in Austria.

Did you have time to do anything else?
Valentina: Yes, we always do lots of different things. This time we went to the open air museum in Großgmain, visited Bad Reichenhall and Berchtesgaden, went to the Museum der Moderne with the Rupertinum, and we did some shopping in the Linzergasse and also at the outlet near the airport.

If you’ve been there so often you probably have a favourite place?
Valentina: We are generally in Henndorf near Salzburg, on Lake Wallersee. We go for lots of walks and our friends there have a farm. I love going there and seeing the cows and pigs, it is just really fun to be there.

There are quite a few Austrian specialities, which do you like the most?
Valentina: Our friend makes unbelievably good Wiener Schnitzel, Austria is very famous for that. That’s my favourite food there!