USA and Canada

USA and Canada

Felix S., 16 years old
Type of holiday: Round trip
Destination: USA and Canada
Duration: 3 weeks

Felix, where did you travel to and how long did you stay there?
Felix: I spent three weeks in the USA and Canada on the east coast of the continent with my family. We went on a round trip. First, we flew to Washington, D.C., and then further on to the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. The Niagara Falls are located on the border between the USA and Canada. Next, we went to Toronto and then to the Great Lakes. These are five lakes in North America that are connected to each other, one of them is Lake Erie. We also stayed in Montreal for two nights before travelling on to the White Mountains and Kennebunkport, which lies on the Atlantic coast. In addition, we visited the cities Plymouth, Boston and, of course, New York.

What was the highlight of your journey?
Felix: The highlight was clearly New York! It is a huge, wonderful, unbelievable and extraordinary city. There is so much to see there (the skyline, the Metropolitan Museum of Art – the largest art museum in the USA, the Statue of Liberty, the huge Central Park, Times Square, etc.). I have never seen so many people before! No matter what you are looking for, you'll find it in New York. We also had a hotel room on the 22nd floor with a balcony. That was simply breath-taking. I think, New York has become my favourite city since the trip.

Was there something you weren’t too keen on?
Felix: Yes, unfortunately. Although the Niagara Falls are beautiful and I have never seen so much flowing water, I imagined beforehand I’d have to walk through nature to get there and that they would be located in a remote area somewhere in the open countryside. However, that's not the case: They are surrounded by many hotels, casinos, bars, etc... Almost like in Las Vegas. I found that a bit inappropriate.

What else would you like to tell us about your journey?
Felix: I particularly liked the Great Lakes. They are not actually lakes, but in fact seas. They are sooo big! There are vast areas of unspoiled nature and beautiful national parks around them.
We additionally visited the highest tower in North America, the CN Tower in Toronto. From up there, we had a fantastic view.

We were also really lucky on the outbound flight, because we flew with Lufthansa's "Siegerflieger" (victory plane), which bears the special logo of the 2014 Football World Cup. That was great.
I can only recommend this trip!

Where did you stay during your travels?
Felix: My family and I stayed in various hotels and resorts as we don't have any relatives, friends or acquaintances there.