Marc F., 13 years old
Type of holiday: Family holiday
Destination: Venice (Italy)
Population: approx. 260,000
Duration: 5 days

Marc, how did you travel to Venice?
Marc: I went there with my family and we flew with Lufthansa. I really enjoyed that because the plane was very spacious. It wasn’t too cramped and the food was good!

And where did you stay?
Marc: We stayed in a hotel, in a complex with lots of small apartments with their own kitchen. We always went to the supermarket and cooked for ourselves. We also ate out a couple of times. I always had pizza or pasta.

And what did you really enjoy?
Marc: It was really cool to explore Venice. There are canals and water everywhere, and there are no cars. I really liked St. Mark’s Square, it is like a huge pedestrian zone and there are people everywhere. There is always something to see! The gondola ride was amazing too.

A city without cars – how do you get around in Venice then?
Marc: Well, there are gondolas, but they are quite slow. The water taxis are faster. They are actually just like our buses and trains. There are different stops where you wait for them. The boats come about every 10 minutes and travel all over the city.