Eva F., 14 years old
Type of holiday: Language holiday
Destination: Versailles (France)
Population: approx. 86,000
Duration: 1 week

Eva, what kind of trip did you go on exactly?

Eva: In year 8 we went on a school trip over Easter to France to learn the language. Our school also has a proper school exchange, where the French pupils then also come to our school, but I wanted to do a language trip where we just went to France.

And how did you get on with the language there?

Eva: I started French in year 6, so I’ve not been learning it long. But I got on quite well. I really had to speak French as well because nobody in my host family could speak German. If I really couldn’t say what I needed to then I could speak English with the daughter. The French speak a lot faster than we are used to at school, that was actually the hardest part. The trip really helped me and has also motivated me.

Did you have any time to do any other activities over the week?

Eva: Yes, we went to the Palace of Versailles and looked at that. We also went to Paris twice; we went to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time there though and could only take a few photos. Then we also did a bus tour of the city and went past most of the tourist attractions. And we also went to the seaside! We spent one day on our own with our host families.

Did you try any typically French food?

Eva: My host family didn’t really cook very typical French food. We normally had things that I know from home, meat, potatoes, etc. That was a bit of a shame, I would have liked to have tried frogs legs for example! Or a proper cheeseboard. I also found it strange that my host family never ate breakfast.

You said you were there over Easter. Did you celebrate that there?

Eva: Eva: Yes, like in Germany we went to church in Versailles. After the service there were various stands outside the church and everybody had a drink together.

What was your personal highlight of the holiday?

Eva: I enjoyed Paris and the day with my host family the most. We didn’t go anywhere, we just spent the day with the family from across the road and had a barbecue in the garden. The other family has young children so we played with them. It was just really nice to experience a day like that in a completely different family.