When is the right time to go on a language holiday and how do they actually work?

The peak season for language holidays is, hardly surprisingly, the summer holidays. After all, it is also meant to be enjoyable! The length varies from operator to operator and ranges from one week to two months or more. You should certainly plan at least two weeks to have the opportunity to really get into the language.

Language camps are already offered for children aged six and above. If you feel ready you can go abroad from the age of around 10-12. A lot of operators offer group trips – so why not take your best friend and fly to exciting countries with Lufthansa?

If you are going alone it is recommendable to go on a language holiday with a group that is as international as possible, so that you have to speak the foreign language with the other young people there. This will automatically help you become more immersed in the language. These kinds of language holidays usually take place at language schools in the respective country and you can even use them to study for exams or prepare for going to university.

The holidays are often structured quite similarly: you either stay with a host family, in the language school itself, or in a student residence. There are around 15-20 hours of lessons each week from Monday to Friday, with the afternoons and weekends usually kept free. The operators often offer organised excursions so you have the opportunity of getting to know the interesting places and attractions without having to go to any extra effort.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that every country has its own entry conditions. Make sure that you have your passport, vaccinations and visa in good time before setting off. And don’t forget to book your flight with Lufthansa early enough!