Lisa P., 14 years old
Type of holiday: School exchange
Destination: Roubaix (France)
Population: approx. 94,000
Duration: 1 week

Lisa, where did you travel to and how long did you stay there for?
Lisa: The school exchange was in Roubaix. That is a city in northern France. It is located very close to the Belgian border. I spent a week there. A few months later, the French students also stayed with us in Germany for a week.

Where did you stay during your trip?
Lisa: I stayed at the parent's home of my exchange partner, Charlotte, and also slept in her room. In the morning, when we were getting ready, her mother made us sandwiches for school and for our excursions. I always found the sandwiches really tasty as the mother baked the bread herself. In the evening, all of us, that is Charlotte, her two younger brothers, her parents and I, sat down at the table and ate together. The food was quite good. Most of the time we had meat – steak, for example – vegetables and an additional side dish, pretty much like at home.
We all got along well and spoke a mixture of French and English, with a few German words in between.

What was the highlight of your trip?
Lisa: We went on different excursions every day, together with the entire grade from Germany and France and our teachers, of course. Many of them were really good fun and were very interesting as well. We visited many different sights, such as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and went on rallies through a few areas in France to explore and get to know the country better.

When we went to Paris, we also visited the Eiffel Tower – but of course not only from the outside, we even climbed up it. I climbed the stairs all the way to the top with my friends. We had a breathtaking view from there! The Eiffel Tower was really beautiful. We also went bowling once.

We also spent two days at the school of our exchange students in Roubaix and attended a few lessons. I found that very interesting, especially the French students’ German lessons, as I find it really funny when they speak German with a French accent :) .

Was there something you weren't too keen on?
Lisa: The weather didn’t play along all the time. Sometimes it rained. But the French couldn’t do anything about that and otherwise everything was super. It was very exciting to see how teenagers in a different country spend their day.