When you get to the airport you will see large screens in the entrance hall displaying information about your Lufthansa flight, the departure time, the gate and which check-in desks you can go to. At check-in you will receive your boarding card which tells you your gate and seat number as well as the boarding time. You have a number of check-in options:

  • In Frankfurt and Munich you can use the Lufthansa Family Check-in*. Then it is even quicker!
  • Of course you can also go to the normal check-in desks or
  • Check in online at home or on the move
  • At Frankfurt International and Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss airports you also have the option of checking in with your JetFriends clubcard at one of the check-in machines. This is how the check-in machines work:
    check-in machine

Your hold luggage is weighed at the check-in desk. It must not exceed a certain weight. You can find all the information about baggage regulations on Lufthansa flights here: baggage regulations.

There are also rules for hand luggage: your hand luggage must be no bigger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and no heavier than 8 kg!

After check-in your luggage travels through the underground luggage system, which in Frankfurt for example is 67 km long. The luggage is automatically sent to the right gate shortly before departure and then loaded onto the plane. If you choose to check in online or using one of the machines you either take your luggage to one of the luggage check-in machines or to the “Baggage Drop-Off Desks“. You can only go there if you already have your boarding card!

By the way: You can check which special luggage you are allowed to take here: special luggage

* for children up to 7 years (with their parents and older siblings)