Discover the variety above the clouds

Discover the variety above the clouds

Welcome on board Lufthansa! With us, flying will be a first class experience, even in economy class! Your parents might still remember the monotony of flying, but anyone who travels with our modern fleet nowadays will see that time flies even on a long haul flight! In fact, you’ll probably only ever want to go on long haul flights in the future!

Inflight Entertainment

You can find all sorts of great entertainment on board with us. With our inflight entertainment programme you can choose from up to 100 of the latest films on your own touchscreen. You’re bound to find your favourite film or one that you have been wanting to watch for ages!

Sports fans can keep up with the latest scores even in the air with our sports reports, because after all we don’t want you to miss a single goal. You also have up to 200 channels with international hit series, top documentaries, sitcoms, lifestyle programmes and concerts. Or would you prefer to relax in the comfortable seats with a little music?
No problem, as you can choose from 30 radio stations and 300 CDs that cater to all music tastes to make sure that you don’t have to go without your favourite band just because you are flying high above the clouds. And last but not least, you can also play cool games to pass the time. Oh, and if you like you can also do a language course!

On some long haul planes, e.g. the Airbus A380, you can see what the pilot sees during take-off and landing. Exterior cameras at different angles get you up close to the action!

Now flying is even more fun!

Look here to find out what will be on offer on your next flight:
Inflight Entertainment Programme

Unlimited Lufthansa FlyNet®

And that is not all! Over 90 percent of all Lufthansa long haul flights have Lufthansa FlyNet®, the high-speed on-board broadband internet connection. That makes Lufthansa the airline with the largest internet-capable intercontinental fleet in the world.
Find out here how it works and what it costs:
Lufthansa FlyNet®

Get surfing! Play games, check your mails in the online communities or just surf – on the entire Lufthansa long haul network.

Even more fun on board!

There is even more on offer besides the inflight entertainment programme and Lufthansa FlyNet®: jigsaws, puzzle books, card games and a selection of the latest magazines make time fly.

The great entertainment programme on board of Lufthansa could even make the flight the highlight of your holiday!