Events Manager

Events Manager

Planning, organising, implementing – demonstrate your creative talent for coordination as an Events Manager!

What are the tasks of an Events Manager?

Events Managers provide all-round support for events, receptions, conferences or meetings. They not only plan events, but also support the actual implementation of the events. It is part of their job to advise customers and to create target group-specific event concepts. Everything is easier and more coordinated with a good plan: Good preparation is half the job!

What is required?

Many of the skills required for this professional field can be acquired during the apprenticeship, but it is of advantage to have a good level of organisational talent, to be reliable and to enjoy providing services, for example. As an Events Manager, it is of particular importance to plan proactively and to work in an organised and reliable manner.

People, who are good at maths, are also well-suited for this profession, since Events Managers also have to calculate business and personnel transactions – i.e. they have to know, for example, how many staff are required for an event and how much the entire event will cost.

If you want to start such an apprenticeship, you require a good school-leaving certificate (advanced technical college certificate or A levels), and ideally initial internship experience in the hospitality industry or in Event Management.

In addition, it is important to be well-versed in both German and English, as people from all around the world are involved in these varied and international events. The Events Manager is the contact person for all parties involved and always has to keep the overview.

What knowledge will I gain in the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship to become an Events Manager at Lufthansa is divided into a practical and a theoretical part. During the apprenticeship with Lufthansa, the practical part will not take place in the vocational school like the theory does, but at the Lufthansa Seeheim conference hotel instead. Over the course of the three years the apprentice learns everything about planning, organising, implementing and following-up a successful event. Deployment to the gastronomy (e.g. the in-house restaurant) and insights into the commercial areas such as accounting, controlling, purchasing and storage are part of the plan to round off the apprenticeship. Quite diversified, isn't it? It certainly won't get boring in a hurry!

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