Service Agent Check-in

Service Agent Check-in

Service on the ground

Check-in is a passenger’s first contact with Lufthansa on the day of their flight. Customer-oriented and professional services are therefore particularly important.
The service agents support all areas at check-in and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Their tasks include simple check-in activities as well as welcoming passengers:

  • checking in passengers and allocating seats
  • baggage check-in
  • checking booking codes and travel documents
  • supporting and assisting passengers with transfers

A friendly appearance is essential

The service agents are a key part of the image that passengers have of the Lufthansa company. That’s why they make all passengers feel welcome at check-in with their friendly and charming manner. A smart appearance is just as crucial as being open and polite.

They are also always there to give passengers assistance and helpful information. They have to speak good German and English to be able to communicate with passengers from all over the world. Last but not least, they have to be very flexible because service agents work shifts, sometimes late at night or at the weekend.

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