The History of Lufthansa – Part II

The History of Lufthansa – Part II



Planes are getting bigger and bigger and can fly longer distances. Distant destinations such as South Africa and the Far East are becoming ever closer for Luft Hansa and their passengers. In 1933, the company is renamed Deutsche Lufthansa AG. In September 1934, eight years after being founded, Lufthansa welcomes their one millionth passenger on board!


The Second World War rages from 1939-1945 and the Reichsregierung commands Lufthansa to carry out services, transport flights and technical work. There are however still a few passenger flights. After the end of the war in 1945 all Germans are prohibited from operating an airline. That spells the end of Lufthansa for the time being. There are nevertheless still flights operated by foreign airlines.


After long negotiations Lufthansa is re-founded in January 1953, initially under the company name Luftag (Aktiengesellschaft für Luftverkehrsbedarf), and since 1954 has borne the name Deutsche Lufthansa AG again. With a good dose of courage and enthusiasm all efforts are made to get the company back off the ground and in April 1955 scheduled passenger flights finally commence, first within Germany, and then also abroad. By the way: the newly founded Lufthansa is to a large extent owned by the German state – until 1995!