The History of Lufthansa – Part IV

The History of Lufthansa – Part IV

2000s -2010s


Happy Birthday! Lufthansa celebrates its 50th birthday in 2005. Progress and quality are still the priority: Star Alliance gains new partners and business class on board is redesigned. The “football nose” on many of the planes in the fleet is well-received in celebration of the football World Cup 2006. Lufthansa is keeping with the times and passengers can now not only check in with a normal paper ticket, but also with a boarding card on their mobile phones.


Lufthansa takes receipt of its first Airbus A380 in 2010 and presents the new First Class. Lufthansa sends it on its official maiden flight to the football World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Even the German national football team is amongst the passengers! Billions of euros are invested in a modern and low emission, that is to say less polluting, fleet. The new and exclusive A-Plus air bridge is put into operation in Frankfurt. Around 15,000 passengers per day benefit from the new gates and five lounges with the latest technology. Thanks to FlyNet, internet is now available to passengers on most long haul flights.

Lufthansa is the first airline in the world to take on the Boeing 747-8 in the passenger version, a much quieter and fuel efficient development of the jumbo jet. It is equipped with the new generation of Business Class, where the seats can be folded out into comfortable beds. And in 2013 the new Lufthansa Family Check-in opens at the airports in Frankfurt am Main and Munich, meaning that whole families can check in easily and conveniently.