The flying giant: the Airbus A380-800

The flying giant: the Airbus A380-800

The Airbus A380 truly is a flying giant: with a length of 72.7 metres, a height of 24.1 metres and a wingspan of 79.8 metres it is even bigger than a jumbo jet! That is precisely why this gigantic flying machine is also called the “airboss”. It can accommodate over 520 passengers and thanks to the latest technology is one of the largest planes in the Lufthansa fleet. The Lufthansa A380 took off on its maiden flight in June 2010 from Frankfurt to Tokyo.

The many seats on the A380 are distributed over two large decks and are particularly streamlined to leave plenty of legroom. Each seat has its own TV screen meaning that every passenger can choose if and how they want to be entertained during the long flight. First Class in the A380 sports a brand new design and is more comfortable than ever before.

First Class passengers have access to two large bathrooms, which are five times bigger than before, and instead of overhead luggage compartments every First Class passenger has their own cupboard. Special mattresses and heat-regulating bedding provide an innovative and relaxing sleeping experience.

Despite its huge size, the A380 has a very low fuel consumption. It is also very quiet: its “Trent 900” Rolls Royce engines are around 30 percent quieter than similar models. Through the use of modern materials the plane is also relatively light, which also saves fuel. The A380 comprises about four million parts – it really is a plane of mammoth proportions!

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