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Do you have a question about the JetFriends programme? We have made a list of the most frequent questions and their answers for you here. You will also find handy tips about various subjects.

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JetFriends is the Lufthansa and Miles & More Club for teens aged 11-17 years, who are interested in flying and like travelling. Participation in the programme is free of charge. Teens residing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are excluded from participating, as these two countries do not participate in the JetFriends programme.

Miles & More is the frequent flyer programme of Lufthansa and other airlines. As a JetFriend you automatically become a Miles & More member and can earn status and award miles on your JetFriends clubcard. You can find out more about Miles & More and how to earn miles here.

You can become a JetFriend by registering with us. Everyone between the ages of 2 and 17 can become a member. Membership is free of charge. To sign up just click on Login/registration at the top right of the page. You will be redirected to the registration form that you have to fill out. We just need a few details from you, for example your address so that we can send you your JetFriends clubcard. Now you just have to think up your own personal username and secret password. You need your parents’ consent to be able to sign up because you are still under 18. That is why we need one of your parent’s email addresses.

You have one of our JetFriends brochures? Then you can also sign up via post. But it is even quicker to sign up right here online.

After signing up you receive your personal JetFriends clubcard so that you can earn Miles & More award and status miles. To start off we even credit your online account with 500 award miles.

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of JetFriends straight away!

Logging in is really easy. You can use either your username and password or your Miles & More service card number and PIN. We sent you your PIN together with your JetFriends card in the post.

Please have a little more patience. In exceptional cases it can take 2-4 weeks for the card to be sent out by post. If after 4 weeks you still haven’t received your card please get in touch with our service centre using the contact form.

No, because by registering with JetFriends you automatically become a member of the Miles & More programme and can earn valuable miles with your card.

Yes, your membership of Miles & More doesn’t affect your registration for JetFriends. Simply enter your Miles & More service card number when signing up to become a JetFriends member. By the way, you can also log in to JetFriends using your service card number and PIN if you are already registered.

Yes, that is also possible. However, you then will not have all the advantages of JetFriends: as long as you are a JetFriends club member the award miles you have earned do not expire. If you are not a JetFriends club member your award miles can expire.

As a JetFriend you also automatically become a member of the Miles & More frequent flyer programme. You can then earn miles with your own JetFriends clubcard. As long as you are a member of the JetFriends club your award miles are valid indefinitely and do not expire.

  • Your own JetFriends clubcard
  • 500 award miles as a welcome
  • No expiration of earned award miles
  • Access to the JetFriends login area and all offers on the website

If you leave the club, your award miles can then expire. They are only protected for as long as you are a member of the JetFriends club.

JetFriends offers you a whole host of advantages throughout your whole journey. You don’t want to have to wait at check-in? Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, you can use the quick and easy Lufthansa Family Check-in at the airports in Frankfurt am Main and Munich. And of course you can use any of the other check-in options as well!

The Inflight Entertainment programme on board of Lufthansa offers you a wide variety of films and series to make sure you have a relaxing flight.

We guide you through the exciting world of Lufthansa on jetfriends.com. You can find lots of information on travel and flying as well as lots of useful tips about how you can discover your freedom and do all sorts of great things all over the world with Lufthansa.

Enjoy the full selection on our website after signing up. In the JetFriends login area you have unlimited access to a whole host of information and quizzes about language holidays, school exchanges and discovering cities. Post your pins on JetWorld and show us your favourite destinations! Or read exciting travel reports by other JetFriends and write about your own interesting travel experiences. You can also check how many miles you have earned in the My Miles area at any time.

We will ask you for a few details when you sign up. We need them to be able to recognise you in the login area so that you can use all of the JetFriends advantages. For example, we will ask for your address so that we can send you your JetFriends clubcard.

We take data privacy very seriously. Only Lufthansa and Miles & More use your data. If you or your parents would like to know more just click here on privacy statement.

Have you moved house and have a new address or want to change some of your other details? No problem! You can change your details and settings at any time under My JetFriends Club in the My Profile section. Simply enter your new details in the applicable boxes and then click Save changes at the bottom.

Click on the Forgotten password/PIN in the login area and enter your email address in the box that appears. It is important that it is the same address that you entered when you signed up for JetFriends. If it the same email address, we will send you a new password or PIN by email. For your own security, please change it again after logging in under My JetFriends Club in the My Profile section.

Once you are 18 years old you are no longer entitled to membership of the JetFriends club because the club and its advantages are exclusively for children and adolescents aged 2-17. You do however remain a Miles & More member and can use all of the advantages of the Miles & More programme. Please note: your award miles are subject to expiry, as soon as you are no longer a member of the JetFriends club.

All information about Miles & More can be found at Miles & More. You can log in using your card number and PIN until you have ordered a new card from Miles & More.

You can cancel your membership of the JetFriends club at any time because membership is voluntary. To cancel your membership go to My Profile under My JetFriends Club. In the Your JetFriends Club data section you can find the subitem Cancel membership. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that all of your award miles are subject to expiry if you cancel your JetFriends club membership. You can read more about the expiry of miles here.