Retrospective mileage credit

You flew with Lufthansa or one of the Miles & More partner airlines and didn't have your JetFriends Club Card with you? No problem: you can have your miles credited retrospectively as well. Find out what you have to do here!

If you enter your JetFriends card number when booking your flight or at the check-in, the miles for your flight will usually be automatically credited to your online mileage account. That can take up to 14 days. So, please wait two weeks before applying retrospectively for credits.

Should your miles not be shown in your account, you can apply for a retrospective mileage credit for up to six months after your journey.

You can find all information on this subject here: Mileage request

Log in there with your card number and PIN or username and password that you also use to log in to the JetFriends website. Enter the details from your boarding card and ticket onto the online form and you can have your mileage credited.

Not all flights with Miles & More partners can be credited using the online form. For these particular flights, you can simply print out the PDF form, which you can also find by clicking on the mileage request link. Please send the printed and filled out form together with the original boarding card and copies of your tickets by post to:

Miles & More
Postfach 1200
33409 Verl

Please note:

  • Please check your mileage account on carefully to make sure that the miles have not already been credited to you (miles will be automatically credited to your account within 14 days if the card number was entered during booking/check-in) prior to your request.
  • If your miles do not appear in your account within 14 days, you can have your miles credited retrospectively up to six months after your flight.
  • Please keep your original boarding card until the miles have been credited to your account.
  • No credit will be granted for unused, refunded or expired tickets or coupons.